Helpful Tips for Choosing an Indoor Cycling Studio

Helpful Tips for Choosing an Indoor Cycling Studio

20/04/2021 Off By Dora Simpson

With pandemic restrictions beginning the ease, many of us will be heading back out to our favorite exercise spots to resume formal workouts. For indoor cyclists, this means signing up for spinning classes at a local studio. But what if you’ve never taken an organized class before? How do you choose the right studio?

Mcycle is an up-and-coming cycling studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its owners say there is no perfect cycling studio anywhere. Studio owners all do things their own way. They employ different instructors, each with their own styles and preferences. The goal is to find the one that seems the best fit for you.

Evaluate Your Exercise Goals

Before you even start looking, it is wise to sit down and evaluate your exercise goals. Maybe you have already committed to indoor cycling as your only form of regular exercise. That’s great. You can focus your entire search exclusively on cycling studios.

On the other hand, you might want to combine cycling with other forms of exercise. That being the case, a studio that specializes exclusively in cycling classes may not be the best fit. You might be better off with a health club offering everything from cycling to aerobics and swimming.

Stay Close to Home

Make a point of staying as close to home as possible. Why? Because the further away your studio is, the more likely you will stop visiting at some point down the road. It is just human nature. You miss one class because your schedule is extremely busy, and you can’t make it across town. But once you miss one class, it’s easier to miss a second, then a third, and so on. Finding a studio close to home makes it easier to stay committed.

Ask About the Music

Like almost every other cycling studio, Mcycle incorporates music into its spin classes. In fact, they put a heavy emphasis on music due to its ability to enhance workouts. This suggests that you should ask about instructor playlists. Find out what kind of music most instructors at a given studio tend to play. If you believe their playlists would inhibit more than motivate, you can take that studio off the list.

Visit at an Appropriate Time

It is a good idea to actually visit cycling studios before you decide whether to give them a try. And as long as you are doing so, you would be smart to visit at an appropriate time. What is an appropriate time? The time of day you would normally utilize the studio. For example, a plan to take early morning classes suggests you visit studios during the early morning hours. The idea is to find out what a studio is like at the time you are most likely to take a class.

Request an Orientation

Most studios, health clubs, and gyms provide free orientations for visitors. If a particular studio you visit does not offer any, don’t be afraid to ask. An orientation serves the purpose of showing you around the facility. You get to see the locker rooms, reception area, where classes are held, and so forth. You should also get the opportunity to meet the staff.

You may have to visit quite a few cycling studios to find one that fits. It is worth the effort. The right studio can make indoor cycling a true joy rather than a chore you are just trying to get through. And if there is one thing we know about organized workouts, even the slightest bit of unpleasantness is motivation to quit. You certainly don’t want that, do you?