Corona Era Exercise and the Importance of Routine

Corona Era Exercise and the Importance of Routine

14/11/2020 Off By Dora Simpson

Hook up with a personal trainer and one of the first things he or she will do is sit down with you to establish a regular exercise routine. Your trainer might recommend three days of cardio and two days of strength training per week, along with two interspersed rest days. But one way or another, a routine will be established. A lot of people have discovered as much in the midst of corona era exercise.

Fitness experts – especially those who exercise for a living – frequently talk about the importance of routine. They say that establishing an exercise routine is critical for long-term success. But does the principal apply only to physical fitness? Absolutely not.

The coronavirus crisis has altered the way most of us live our daily lives. The bad news is that many of us have allowed our routines to go by the wayside. As a result, we may not be giving our best effort at work. We might not be eating well. We might not even be getting enough sleep. Exercise can change all that.

An Exercise Bike at Home

Ladders contributor and freelance writer Hilary Sheinbaum published a piece in late October 2020 discussing this very topic. She told her own story of falling out of her routine after the coronavirus crisis shut down her local cycle studio. After many months of not exercising, she discovered that her entire daily routine, covering everything from exercise to work, was suffering.

The solution was to invest in a stationary bike that would fit in her New York apartment. Then she committed to exercising for 30 days and measuring how it impacted her life. She is not yet back to pre-coronavirus fitness levels, but she says that committing to the exercise has helped reestablish her daily routine.

She says she is now better focused during work hours. She does a better job of prioritizing her work so that the most demanding tasks are done while she has the most energy. The benefits she has gained from this experience go on and on. However, the point is that she reestablished her routine by recommitting to daily exercise.

Mcycle studio

Exercise Requires Routine

You might be skeptical of the idea that exercising 30 minutes daily can help you establish a routine for the rest of your day, as well. But it makes perfect sense when you realize that getting the most out of regular exercise requires routine itself.

The owners of the Mcycle studio in Salt Lake City, Utah explain that routine is key to maximizing the benefits of exercise. They say that establishing a routine helps keep you on track by giving you something to commit to. In other words, by planning to exercise for certain amount of time – and at a specific time – every day, you are actively planning to exercise.

It all goes back to that old adage that says failing to plan is like planning to fail. If you put together an exercise plan, you are halfway there. Now all you have to do is stick with that plan. Still, how does this affect the rest of your day?

Establishing an exercise routine forces you to block out a specific time of the day. Once you do that, the natural inclination is to take a look at everything else you have to do that day, if for no other reason than figuring out how you’re going to get it all done. The natural instinct will be to schedule the rest of your day just like you scheduled your exercise. That is what Sheinbaum did, and it worked.