Walking Program

1. Put walking on your calendar and think of it as an appointment you must keep.

2. Set a new goal. You may add strength training to your walking program or walk additional steps.

3. Work towards your new goal in increments. If you start to lift weights, for example, lift small ones.

4. Check your walking shoes for wear and replace them, if necessary.

5. Wear socks that wick moisture away from your feet. When your feet are wet walking isn’t fun.

6. Get a walking buddy. You may ask one of your best friends to walk with you, or invite a new neighbor to join you on your morning walk.

7. Start a walking group or join one. Companionship can be the difference between walking and not walking.

8. Bring kids and grandkids along. Your fitness model could have a huge impact on a children’s lives.

9. Cut yourself some slack. Fitness is a goal that takes time and is worth your time.

10. Always have an alternate plan. If the forecast is rain, call your walking buddy or walking group members and agree to walk at the mall.

11. Walk in place while you are waiting for coffee to brew, on the phone, or watching television. You will be amazed at how many steps you accrue.

12. Make walking an event. You may go on a bird walk, historic walk, or fall walk and look at the changing leaves.

13. Vary your time and route. Variety can add spark to an “ordinary” walk.

14. Participate in a charity walk. Check your local newspaper and the American Heart Association for more information.

15. Reward yourself. You started out on the fitness path and you are still on it!