Exercise At Desk

You’re a great multi-tasker. Take a moment to get away from it all and take a lift.

Pilates instructor Alisa Wyatt, calls this exercise “The Elevator.” You can do this simple Pilates exercise sitting right at your desk to cinch your waist and keep your belly from hanging over.

Alisa says:

“Sit up tall and let your shoulders relax. Imagine your belly button is the elevator at the top of a ten-floor building. As you exhale, sink the elevator down to the 1st floor. Hold it there as you breathe lightly. Work up to holding to a count of 10. Do this exercise 3 times a day for a stronger waist in a week!”

When you’ve mastered holding your belly button on the 1st floor, try adding this:

“Sink the elevator to the 1st floor and then go from the 1st floor to the basement, quickly for a count of 50. This works the muscles in a different way.”

Be productive while getting your work responsibilities complete. Squeeze in an exercise and benefit those stomach muscles that wrap around your waist like a corset.

Work it and enjoy your work day.