Author: Tiffany Garcia

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Abdominal Exercises

By Tiffany Garcia

Straight Legged Toe Touches

Muscles worked – Lower, Middle and Upper Abdominals

Details – Lay on the floor (preferably on an exercise mat) with your legs stretched out and together pointing into the air. Your legs and your abdomen should …

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Aerobic Activities

By Tiffany Garcia

Doing aerobic exercises is a great fun for everyone let them be children or adults. Some examples of aerobic activities involves:

Jogging, Swimming, Brisk walking, Bicycling, Running, Ice-skating, Aerobic dancing, Rowing, Walking.

And many others are there. From all these …

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Reduce Body Fat

By Tiffany Garcia

Water Intake: The optimum amount of water you should drink each day is actually one-half your total body weight in ounces. I know how difficult this is so start out with 8 glasses of eight ounces of water each day. …