Abdominal Exercises

Straight Legged Toe Touches

Muscles worked – Lower, Middle and Upper Abdominals

Details – Lay on the floor (preferably on an exercise mat) with your legs stretched out and together pointing into the air. Your legs and your abdomen should be at right angles to each other. Your head and neck should be slightly lifted off the ground and your shoulders should also be very slightly elevated. Place your arms together and in front of you with your fingers pointing towards your toes.

Reach for your toes as far as you can. This will contract the abdominals. Also, lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor and breathe out as you reach up with your arms and contract your abdominals. Crunch up as far as is comfortable and bear in mind that reaching your toes is an unrealistic target.

Gradually lower your body back to its original position. This will relax the abdominals. Breathe out as you lower your body. Relax for a second or two and repeat the process.

Sit up Twists

Muscles Worked – Upper, Middle, Lower Abdominals and the Obliques (sides of the abdominals)
Details – Lay on the floor with feet flat on the floor and legs slightly bent. Place your right hand on your right temple and your left hand on your left temple.
Raise your back up towards your knees and when you reach as far as your feel comfortable. Twist your right elbow to touch your left knee and then your left elbow to touch your right knee.

Relax your torso back to the ground, keeping your hands on your temples. Rest for one or two seconds and repeat the process. Remember to breathe in as you lift your torso and out as you relax it back to its initial position.

The twists you perform in this action help to exercise the obliques which give a more toned overall composition of your abdominal muscles.

Aerobic Activities

Doing aerobic exercises is a great fun for everyone let them be children or adults. Some examples of aerobic activities involves:

· Jogging

· Swimming

· Brisk walking

· Bicycling

· Running

· Ice-skating

· Aerobic dancing

· Rowing

· Walking

And many others are there. From all these walking is considered to be the best aerobic exercise because it is easy, cheap and safe. While walking you don’t require any other equipment except good shoes.

Choosing an exercise:

The best exercise for a person is the one he really enjoys doing. Alternating the new activities with the old activity will keep you more enthusiastic. So here are some suggestions:

Indoor Activities:

here this is one kind of working out in gym. If the treadmill, rowing or stationery cycle does not keep you enthusiastic then you can sample some group activities that strikes your excitement. For that you can participate in group cycling class or stay cool with indoor swimming.

Home activities:

here you don’t require to join a gym. You can just buy some local video and that allow you to workout I the privacy of your home. But some equipments will be required depending on the activity you have selected. Those equipments can be a set of hand weights or aerobic dancing.

Outdoor activities:

outdoor activities you can select according to the season. For example you can learn to cross country ski during winters, you can join swimming during summers and for refreshment of air you can do early morning jogging or sprinting.

How will you get enjoyment in doing the exercise?

It is easy to start doing the exercise but sticking to it is tough. So here are some ways how you can stick to a particular exercise:

· Get a partner along with you so that you enjoy whatever you are doing.

· Vary your routine so that you feel less bore.

· Choose a comfortable and a convenient time in a day.

· Never be discouraged just go on working hard.

· If you have some hurt just stop.

· Make the exercise fun and enjoy doing it.

· Most important is choose something that you are interested to do.

Reduce Body Fat

Water Intake: The optimum amount of water you should drink each day is actually one-half your total body weight in ounces. I know how difficult this is so start out with 8 glasses of eight ounces of water each day. Once you achieve your goal, try to set a higher goal and reach for one-half of your total body weight in ounces each day. Drinking water helps to flush the fat, and toxins out of your body.

Exercise: Aerobic exercise will help your health more that you think. I am not begging you to attend aerobics class, I am just asking you to do a little walking each day, or at the very least three times a week. Aerobic exercise helps with your health maintenance program. Aerobic exercise will increase the amount of HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) in your body, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Aerobic exercise will also increase you basal metabolic rate which burns your stored body fat as the fuel source for aerobic training. Keep in mind that aerobic training also serves to maintain cardiovascular fitness which affects the heart and lungs.

Loss of Body Fat: To help facilitate the loss of body fat, regular exercise is geared a little different. You need to exercise for a longer period of time because your body will use blood sugar as well as your stored sugar in the form of glycogen for the first 20 minuets of exercise. At this point your body will switch over and burn body fat as the preferred fuel source. Thus, to accelerate your weight loss, you need to work out a little longer.

Cardio Impact

The first method of cardio that I am going to explain is walking. Walking is the most common form of cardio exercise, and some people don`t even realize that they are doing cardiovascular activity just by walking around the house. Walking is a very low-impact exercise, and is one of the few cardio exercises that can be incorporated into your own lifestyle. Another form of walking that can be used is power walking. Power walking at the gym is easy because you can just hop on a treadmill and take off. You should choose a walking routine that emphasizes incline movements and you should alternate paces to shock your muscles into new growth.

Jogging is the most common exercise known to the public. Most jogging program`s paces are determined on one`s physical conditioning. Beginner joggers should practice speed walking before they progress to a jogging routine. Jogging is not for everyone because it can be hard on your knees and is simply not an option when it is zero degrees outside. Jogging is a very good cardiovascular exercise because it burns twice as many calories per hour than that of walking, and it should be used by individuals wanting fast weight loss results.

Sprinting is running as fast as you can until you cannot run any further. This method of cardio is more suited towards HIIT and should not be used by beginners. Sprinting is the quickest form of cardio that can be performed to burn calories because it only takes five to ten minutes to get an effective workout. However, sprinting can be dangerous to your body if proper warm-up isn`t in place. Make sure that you stretch thoroughly prior to sprinting because the quick movements may shock your muscles into an injury.

Dance is another popular method of cardio and is actually one of the few cardio exercises that are fun. Everywhere you look, it is almost certain that you can find a dance class to join. There are so many different dance styles available that it would be impossible to list all of them. If joining a dance class doesn`t appeal to you, but you still want to learn how to dance, then these DVD videos are the perfect investment:


2)Carmen Electra’s The Lap Dance & Hip Hop

3)Darrin’s Dance Grooves

4)You Got Served – Take It to the Streets (Dance Instructional)

Indoor cycling, also known as spinning, is a new health club craze. This intense workout targets the lower body, giving the quads, glutes, and hamstrings a good workout. Using stationary bikes that aim at increasing endurance, classes using the spinning exercise is a perfect way of getting a hardcore workout and motivational boost at the same time. Almost every health club has a cycling class that you can join and the application process is easy. Each forty-five minute session that you perform will burn 500-700 calories, who wouldnt want to indoor cycle?

The best part about swimming is that it is not stressful on your body. Water aerobics offer the same support as swimming, but instead of propelling your body from one end of the pool to the other, you use the water as resistance to burn calories and build muscle. Both methods are refreshing alternatives to boring cardio and will give you a good workout without getting sweaty. Another reason swimming is a good exercise is that the water decreases the stress on your joints, and it helps people with joint problems incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.

For people who live in cold areas, ice skating is the preferred method over rollerblading. However both methods serve the same purpose and that is to get you active. These exercises are fun to do and are great for the lower body. If you want a more challenging exercise you can simply rollerblad uphill, but be careful when you are going back down because the excess speed may cause you to crash. Which brings me to the downside of rollerblading. It is a very dangerous exercise and you must wear protective equipment at all times. You also might try to show off when your ability levels are not so great and you could injure yourself if you are not careful.